Thursday, October 16, 2008


There is really nothing else to say- it's over- McCain can retire now and try to get that blinking problem fixed.
Thank Goodness For Palin- she has helped me decide that my views of conservatism do not match those of the fundamentalist-err...I mean Republican party.
I am a conservative...and I have heard many people spout that they are voting for McCain because of his and Palin's exhibition of conservative values.
So- let's talk about that-
If divorce is conservative- then I am liberal.
If drug abuse (pills by Mrs. McCain) is conservative, then I am liberal.
If teenage pregnancy is conservative, then I am liberal.
If leaving your special needs child with a nanny or only the father is conservative, then I am a liberal.
If the value of education is not really pertinent, then I am liberal.

So, thank you for allowing me to travel on my transforming journey to liberalism. I have enjoyed my time as a Republican, but these people have changed me....

Can I get an Amen?

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