Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What do YOU Stand For?

My husband asked me if my values mesh with Obama's values. He then went on to ask me if Obama's views on gay marriage and abortion are similar to mine. I am not sure how people can listen to the same debates, read the same newspapers, and watch the same news stations form completely different perspectives of the presidential candidates.
If I hear from one more person that Obama is PRO-Abortion, I think I will punch them in the knee....I don't really understand how people can truly believe that he is pro-abortion- I believe there are currently only 2 things to be pro....Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. I am Pro-keep the government out of my emotional and personal reproductive choices. I guess that is translated in Mccain terms to Pro-Abortion.
About Gay marriage- civil rights allow people freedoms across the board, regardless of race, background, socio-economic status, and I believe that the little fine print at the bottom of most legal-bearing documents includes sexual orientation. If that is the case- allow same gender couples the same rights as hetero couples. I am not supporting or negating changing the definition of marriage- that is an individual discussion between a person and their God. Once again- leave the government out of my personal decisions....seriously!
So- what do you stand for? I stand for CONSERVATIVE family values- meaning that I don't really condone divorce, I would rather not see my children as teen parents, I don't wish to get involved with narcotics on a regular basis. I DO wish to create a good life for me and my family- all the while saving the planet from the constant Drill, baby, Drill attitude of the Palin-esque citizens of the country. I want my kids to go to college, have experiences, learn from mistakes, and have me as the parent, not the government telling them what they can and cannot do.
Let me know what you stand for.....which presidential candidate most supports your values?

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